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The Lazy Vegetarian


Recipe - Vegetarian Patty Melts

makes two

4 slices rye bread
3 vegetarian burgers (hamburger style, see previous post)
2 slices Cheddar or soy cheese
One small-medium* onion, sliced thin
One Tbsp canola oil
Soft butter-substitute/margarine for spreading on bread (safe to cook with)

In a small skillet, cook onions in oil until soft. Cook burgers in microwave per package directions. Spread margarine on the rye bread, add 1.5 burgers per sandwich, cheese, and cooked onions. Put second slice of bread on top. Grill sandwich until cheese melts and bread is browned. Enjoy!

*When I make this, I usually cook a large onion instead. Then I pan-fry some pierogies with the extra onions as a side dish. (The easiest way to do this, when starting with frozen pierogies, is to follow the microwave cooking instructions first, and then add the pierogies to the cooked onions to brown.)

Add a salad or a green vegetable and you have a complete meal.

5 comment(s):

This is absolutely fantastic! I am not a vegetarian, but this came out so good. I used the sweet red onions and sourdough, since that is what I had, and gardenburgers from Costco. MMMMM! Delish!

By Blogger RagDoll, at 6:30 PM  

vegetarian is an ancient indian word for " bad hunter ".

By Blogger Jay Rocchi, at 3:45 PM  

Lettuce,tomato and onions are lovely on a nice hamburger!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 PM  

okay i tried another page and your google ads on the left are for:

1. Beef Recipes
2. Meat loaf recipe
3. Hamburger Recipes

so i really don't think you're going to get any clicks from the vegetarians visiting your site. hopefully you will be able to change that and get more clicks! :) have a great weekend!

By Blogger millennium hippies, at 6:25 PM  


By Anonymous Tino, at 10:26 PM  

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