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The Lazy Vegetarian


Recipe: Muffuletta Roll-Ups

This is a super quick sandwich, which can be served with a nice soup or a salad.

For each sandwich:
  • 1 flatout flatbread (or any other thin flatbread, such as tortillas)
  • 6 - 8 slices of 2 or 3 varieties of vegetarian deli slices (for example, Yves or Tofurkey or Lightlife)
  • 1 slice of cheese (or grated cheese)
  • mix of 8 - 10 olives, any variety (or 1 - 2 Tbsp of prepared muffuletta mix or olive salad)

(1) Chop olives, if not using prepared jarred variety (I have an old-fashioned chopper which, although squeaky, still works great for small amounts).

(2)  Put deli slices, cheese, and chopped olives on flatbread

(3)  Toast in toaster oven or regular oven just long enough for cheese to melt and everything to get warm but not so long that the flatbread gets crisp (I usually do 200 degrees until I see the cheese has melted, which takes just a few minutes)

(4) roll up and serve

That is super lazy!!  But, still, very good.

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