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The Lazy Vegetarian


Cookbook Review #1

Note: I don't have a huge collection of cookbooks, because I get rid of the ones that I don't use. I thought it would be useful to talk about why I like the ones that I keep.

The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet by Nava Atlas

A wonderful cookbook for the lazy cook. Every recipe is 5 ingredients or less, how much easier could that be? But, they are also delicious! They span the normal range of recipes, including soups, salads, main dishes (with pasta, grains, beans, tofu, pizzas, sandwiches, and some fake-meat), vegetables, sauces, and fruits for dessert. The ingredients used vary from the common to the supermarket-exotic. There is a short introduction on pantry staples for the new cook/ vegetarian.

Some of my favorite recipes from this cookbook are:

  • Pasta with Asparagus (page 67) - uses crumbled cheese
  • Asian Sesame-Soy Noodles (page 85) - with soba noodles and peanut oil, just the smell of this is divine
  • Broccoli with Tofu in Thai Peanut Sauce (page 143) - I vary this a bit and serve with the above recipe
  • "Sausage" and Potatoes (page 150) - a classic Eastern European dish, re-done as vegetarian (I recommend Boca Bratwurst with this recipe).

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Annie, your stars must be lucky today. I surfed over here (with only one blog stop in between) from your other blog with the organization tips!

You are a busy bee!


By Blogger cube, at 7:48 AM  

This is a very good cookbook. The library where I work bought is a couple months back.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:17 PM  

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