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The Lazy Vegetarian


Want to Share a Recipe?

I'm interested in having my readers share their own lazy recipes. It's not just due to my own laziness, but because I struggle to create or find (and try) recipes that I love enough to share on here. The result is that sometimes many months go by before I have something new to post, and readers think I've abandoned the blog!

How do I share a recipe?

Email your recipe to annelouise64(at)gmail(dot)com. (You know what I mean ...)

What determines if my recipe is "lazy" worthy?

I will be looking for:
  • fairly easy to find ingredients that aren't exorbitant in price (aren't we ALL watching our money nowadays?)
  • limited number of ingredients (it doesn't have to be "5 or under", but not, say, twenty)
  • use of healthy "processed" foods (for example, I love items like Uncle Ben's brown rice pre-made in a packet)
  • written in standard recipe format (but excruciating cooking details can be skipped)
  • and, of course, it should both taste great and be reasonably nutritious.
I'm still not sure if my recipe is "too difficult" or "too lazy"?

I struggle with that too. So here is my range ...

Sometimes for dinner we bake potatoes in the microwave and then pour canned vegetarian chili over them and sprinkle on some grated cheese. I consider that "too lazy" to include as an actual recipe.
At the other extreme, I really hesitated to include my Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas) Recipe, because I felt it was pushing the limit on "lazy".

What else should I know before sending a recipe?

(1) I get lots of email, so make the subject of the email "Recipe Idea for The Lazy Vegetarian".

(2) If you didn't create it, be sure to give credit and mention if you've simplified the recipe.

(3) Tell how you'd like to be listed on the blog if I add your recipe.

(4) Be patient!! I'll want to try it first and that may take some time.

OK, folks, I'm waiting ...

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