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The Lazy Vegetarian


March Contest - VeggieMealMaker.com

VeggieMealMaker.com is a new vegetarian and vegan meal planning website. Every week, you get a fantastic meal plan with recipes, plus a shopping list and a price comparison for many major grocery stores.

I participated in beta testing for the site and really liked the recipes offered, which are generally easy and nutritious. Our favorite recipe was the Bowtie Asparagus Pasta. I made it with 4 oz of pasta (to serve 2) and reduced the soymilk/water a bit, but kept the spices and vegetables at the original recipe amounts (being the vegetable fan that I am). I loved the "creamy" sauce that was dairy-free. We will definitely make this one again.

What You Can Win:

There will be 3 winners.
One person will win a 3 month free subscription ($19 value).
Two other people will each win a one month free subscription ($8 value).

General Rules for VeggieMealMaker Contest Entry:

(1) All countries are eligible to enter this contest.

(2) Each household can get two entries (see details below).

(3) If you are under 18, be sure to check with a parent or guardian before entering.

(4) If you don't have a blogger account with an email address link, be sure to leave your email in the comment so I can contact you if you are a winner. Don't forget this step; I cannot add you to my spreadsheet if I don't have your email address, so you will not be able to win!

(5) Entries will be accepted through midnight 3/31/2010.

(6) 3 winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries. Winners will be contacted by email and given 72 hours to respond. If the first selected winner(s) do not respond in that time, alternative winner(s) will be picked.

How to Enter (you may do one or both):

First entry:

Leave a comment on this post. You must answer the questions below to be eligible.

After visiting the demo My Meal Plan page on VeggieMealMaker.com, answer the two following questions in your comment:
  • How much does your family spend each week on groceries?
  • Describe your family's meal planning strategy in a few short sentences.
Second entry:

Go to the subscription page of VeggieMealMaker.com.

Sign up for the free one week trial (no credit card required) of either the vegetarian or vegan meal plan.

After signing up for your free trial, go to the Contact Us page and send a message that says "lazy vegetarian." This is a required step to get a second entry!

*Note* VeggieMealMaker.com will then give me your email to add to my spreadsheet to select the winners. (You do not need to leave another comment below.)

Thanks and Good Luck!

10 comment(s):

Email Subscriber!

By Blogger Unknown, at 5:15 PM  

It looks like a pretty cool site! I do my groceries monthly so last month was 350. My goal is 250-300. I just started being aware.My strategy is using what we have and going produce shopping every 2 weeks and making it last!

By Blogger N.D., at 5:33 PM  

I like the idea of a meal plan. I wonder if it would help us to not let veggies go bad before we cook them? There are just two of us, so our shopping is around $100 depending.
We try to make things like soup/stew/chili that can be eaten for days or taken for lunch so we don't have to cook every night. We need to work more beans into our diets.

By Blogger Katy of Kpopstitches.com, at 4:25 PM  

We are pretty thrifty, spending between $60-$80 week on groceries, I'd say.

As far as meal planning, we make about three big meals that produce lots of leftovers each week. The other meals are quickies, like pasta or eggs.

By Blogger emily, at 8:26 AM  

My family (of two) spends about $75 a week on groceries, about $30 of it on produce.

Meal planning is the thing keep saying we're going to do, but don't. Now would be a great time to start!

By Blogger kessia reyne, at 10:31 PM  


For 2 adults, 1 child and 1 baby I spend about $125 a week on groceries and I would love to lower this amount! We are also going veggie starting this week so I'm excited to see if this lower the food bill.

I have been using E-Mealz to plan my menu every week and I switched to the vegetarian plan but this website might be better!

By Blogger Flemstica, at 1:00 PM  

Our household consists of me, my husband and my brother and my husband eats the amount of 2 people, so I say a family of 4. We haven't been very good at budgeting and planning our meals, but it's probably anywhere from $50-$100 a week. Our goal is $50 on mostly fruits and veggies and maybe around $20 on other staples like beans, rice, bread, cereal and soy milk. Mostly large pots of some kind of beans and rice with whatever veggies we have. We also do a lot of sandwiches and pasta. We've been wanting to start planning our menus more, but haven't gotten around to it. Hoping this kick starts the habit.

By Blogger KATE, at 11:34 AM  

I LOVE the idea of meal planning. I work full-time, and take classes at a community college 3 nights a week. My family typically spends about $120 a week on groceries.
The way the plan our meals is that me and my fiance try to pick out one recipe that we each like on Saturday, then on Sunday we buy ingredients for it, and also do other shopping. We'll cook both meals and count on leftovers to eat later. Then, we usually just grab things at random other days of the week.

By Blogger Erika Kreider, at 2:46 PM  

We spend around $100/week and there is only 2 of us. Oh, if i could only go back to the "straight of of college days" where my bill was $30/week! Though I do have to say I eat a lot healthier now. ;) I'm not sure that we have a meal planning strategy. In fact thats one of my least favorite things to do. I get so stessed out. So we usually end up having the same few receipes every week (i.e. tacos, speghetti/salad) with maybe one new receipe every week or two. I get very overwhelmed with meal planning...I think this site might be helpful...I am going to sign up for the free trial..thanks!

By Blogger Carrie @ Two Poms and a House, at 8:07 PM  

We spend anywhere from $40-$100 a week (for me and my husband) depending on where we shop or what we need to stock up on.

Generally I have a few meal ideas in mind when I head to the grocery store, so I bring a list. When I'm really being good I make a meal plan for the whole week of lunches and dinners.

Thanks for the contest!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:56 PM  

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