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The Lazy Vegetarian


Weekly Meal Plan (3/22/2010)

Be sure to scroll down and enter my March contest! And, oh yeah, requested recipes are coming soon, honest.

General notes

Remember we are actually pescatarians, so don't be shocked or offended by the 1 or 2 fish based recipes included each week.

Feel free to request in the comments that I post any recipe that you'd like to see. If it's labeled as a "new recipe," I'll only post if I enjoyed it, of course.

I generally plan 6 meals a week, since the 7th is often eaten out, or leftovers, or something quick like peanut butter.

Week of 3/22/2010

(1) Spaghetti w/ Italian sausage and garlic bread

(2) Chicken & mushroom Z├╝rcher Geschnetzeltes over spaetzle (using Morningstar Farms Chik Strips and a Knorr Fix envelope purchased at our local German Deli - you can also order from them online)

(3) Meatloaf Wellington and frozen veggies (a recipe I plan to add to the site as soon as I perfect it)

(4) Buffalo wings po'boys ( a lazy veg recipe, being made for the first time with gardein brand buffalo wings) and roasted veggies

(5) Egg, cheese, & sausage English muffin sandwiches and fruit salad

(6) *New Recipe* Curried tofu salad over mixed greens (I'm adapting this from a curried chicken salad recipe, but using baked tofu instead)

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Mmmm. Sounds yummy. My low fuel light blinking.

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