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The Lazy Vegetarian


Weekly Meal Plan (3/29/2010)

Be sure to scroll down and enter my March contest - just 3 more days to get your entry in!

General notes

Remember we are actually pescatarians, so don't be shocked or offended by the 1 or 2 fish based recipes included each week.

Feel free to request in the comments that I post any recipe that you'd like to see. If it's labeled as a "new recipe," I'll only post if I enjoyed it, of course.

I generally plan 6 meals a week, since the 7th is often eaten out, or leftovers, or something quick like peanut butter.

Week of 3/29/2010

Due to sickness last week, we didn't get around to a couple of the planned recipes, so they are reappearing this week.

(1) *New Recipe* Curried tofu salad over mixed greens (I'm adapting this from a curried chicken salad recipe, but using baked tofu instead)

(2) Meatloaf Wellington (a recipe I plan to add to the site as soon as I perfect it) and roasted veggies

(3) Stirfry (made with frozen stirfry veggies, sauteed tofu, and stirfry sauce) served over brown rice with vegetable eggrolls

(4) *New recipe* Moussaka (which I will attempt to adapt from several online recipes, including healthy and vegan versions) ... wish me luck

(5) *New recipe* Pasta Primavera (made with lemon pepper fettuccini)

(6) Salmon burgers, steak fries, and sauteed spinach

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I would love to hear about your salmon burgers. Do you buy them pre-made or do you make them yourself?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:07 AM  

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