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The Lazy Vegetarian


Making Soup

One of my goals this fall/winter is to make my own soup every week or two.  You may be thinking, "how could that be lazy?"  But, to tell the truth, it's much easier than you may think.  I do use some convenience foods - like Imagine brand low sodium vegetable stock (now a staple in my house) and some canned or frozen vegetables.  I also look for recipes that use just a few ingredients.

For example, I recently made this asparagus soup.  I made a half recipe, which was just right for dinner with a sandwich.  That's my "Parisian sub" recipe, with arugula added.

I do want to get (1) a medium size stock pot without a non-stick surface and (2) an immersion blender - mostly to cut down on cleanup time, and because my regular blender is the one we got as a wedding gift 24 years ago (and, well, the motor smells like it's burning and the base leaks a little).

So, expect some soup recipes over the next few months.

Quick update from my last post:  I am back on my feet, and my seat, with only moderate lingering pain, so I think my tailbone was not broken, just bruised.

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