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The Lazy Vegetarian


Some LazyVeg Updates

I have done a bit of re-vamping here on the lazyveg.

(1)  I made the body a bit wider.  Please let me know if I messed it up for your browser (seems to work well in Firefox, and OK in IE).

(2)  I added a bookshelf in the left sidebar of the cookbooks I'm currently using regularly.  This list should change periodically!

(3)  I added the more recent recipes I've posted into the recipe links in the right sidebar.

(4)  I finally updated the blog links in the right sidebar.  If you sent me an email asking me to list yours but it still  isn't there, feel free to email me again.  I get copious emails, and some important ones get lost in the flotsam.

Blog link request:

I've received a couple blog link requests from blogs that review restaurants in a particular city/area.  I'd like to add a category for these, but would like a few more first.  So if you write, or read, a blog of restaurant reviews from a vegetarian/vegan point of view, please send me the link, or leave it here in the comments.

Hope everyone likes the changes!

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