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The Lazy Vegetarian


Cookbook Review: Vegan on the Cheap

 I recently checked this cookbook out of my library (which I try to do before purchasing any cookbook).  This is the cookbook that contradicts the commonly held belief that eating vegetarian or vegan is expensive - every recipe even includes an approximate cost per serving of between 50 cents and 2 dollars. 

Because these recipes include many "from scratch," they are not completely lazy-friendly.  Nonetheless, many of the recipes feel do-able.  I am actually going to finally try making my own seitan because the recipe in this cookbook doesn't seem scary!  I also like how the author includes options for each recipe like the "splurge a little" suggestions that will make it slightly more expensive, but usually a bit easier.

I would like to add this cookbook to my collection because I could see myself eventually trying many of the recipes, so it is going on my wishlist!

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