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The Lazy Vegetarian


Review: FiberGourmet Pasta

Most of the time, when I make a pasta dish, this is the brand of pasta that I use.

The main reasons are:

(1)  the calories are lower than standard pasta - 130 cal vs the 200 cal or so for a 2 oz serving, and
(2)  the great flavors available in the fettuccine.

Although the higher fiber count is a selling point by the company, as a vegetarian, I get plenty of fiber normally, so that is not a big influence on my decision to use this pasta.

But, keeping the calories low in a pasta that tastes great?  That sold me!

The most recent order I placed from their website, I got the shapes sampler pack that includes 3 each of penne, rotini, lasagna, and spaghetti.  This is my first time to order the spaghetti and lasagna, which are newer additions to their line, but I'm sure they will be as great as the penne and rotini.  I also bought a build-your-own-box of fettuccine.  I got 6 boxes - 2 whole wheat, 1 garlic parsley, 1 Cajun spice, 1 red & black pepper, and 1 spinach.  Garlic parsley makes an absolutely delicious pasta primavera, which I will probably make soon.

This pasta is more expensive, but it is one of those foods that I splurge on and justify by spending less on something else (for example, I buy most of my bread from a bakery outlet).

You can also buy many of the fibergourmet  products through amazon, like the pasta mini sampler, which is a good way to give them a try.  They are eligible for super saver shipping and subscribe & save purchase.

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