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The Lazy Vegetarian


What We Ate Last Week #16

The pantry/freezer/fridge clean out project is mostly complete, although I still have a few items to use up.  It was such a good idea that I plan to repeat it each September and March.  My new project is to try to actually make many of the recipes I have gathered recently, whether on the internet, from magazines, or in cookbooks.  Of course, I will likely do a bit of altering to the originals, because I rarely make a recipe exactly as written.  So in upcoming weeks, I will be attempting new recipes, which I will try to mark and include a comment about.

Monday:  Papa John's Pizza

Tuesday: Lightlife brand hotdogs with sauerkraut and fries

Wednesday:  TVP chowder with potato rolls

Thursday:  Sushi salad (an attempt to make a salad that had many of the flavors of sushi - pretty much unsuccessfully!)

Friday:  *New Recipe* Lasagna roll-ups with tofu ricotta - a combination of 2 recipes I found on-line.  The tofu ricotta was an excellent substitute, although I have since found some simpler versions than the one I made.  The lasagna roll-ups were ok, but not as good as regular lasagna, and not really less work as the recipe indicated.

Saturday:  *Pescatarian meal*  grilled tuna burritos (tuna salad made with green olives, bbq sauce, and mexi-cheese wrapped in tortillas and grilled on the stove top) plus raw veggies on the side

Sunday:  Stuffed grape leaves

See Previous Week Menu

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