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The Lazy Vegetarian


What We Ate Last Week #16

Monday:  *New Recipe* Garbanzo, peanut, & kale soup with naan
      This was an absolutely delicious soup that uses peanut butter.  It's from the cookbook New Vegetarian by Robin Asbell.  Photo is blurry, but I wanted to share anyway. 

Tuesday: *New Recipe*  Bowtie pasta with roasted cauliflower
      We have been trying to give some vegetables we aren't big fans of a chance, so I thought this recipe was a good idea for cauliflower.  The recipe roasts cauliflower with red onions, and then adds raisins for the last 10 min of roasting.  Roasted veggies are combined with pasta and Parmesan cheese.  It was quite good, and is certainly one we would eat again!

Wednesday:  Sweet potato and spinach salad (One of my favs, which I can share if readers are interested)

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday:  Muffaletta roll-ups (recipe coming later this week) and salad wedges

Saturday:  PBB&J sandwiches with baby carrots and Popchips after lunch out at Red Robin

Sunday:  *New Recipe* Black Bean Cocoa Quinoa
      This was very delicious and easy to make.  I would give the following advice if you want to try the recipe:  (1)  use more bell peppers, perhaps 2 or 3 of different colors and be sure to use a nice big onion  (2)  in my rice cooker, the quinoa took way longer to cook than the recipe suggests, so start it much sooner and avoid waiting around like we did  (3)  I can tell she is from Ohio when she says that the recipe, as written, may have a "kick", if you like spicy food, increase the hot spices by 2 or 3 times (4)  this is at least 3 servings, so plenty for leftovers.

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