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The Lazy Vegetarian


What We Ate Last Week #17

Monday: spaghetti with Lightlife brand Italian sausage served with a side salad

Tuesday: *New Recipe*  Seitan pot roast in slow cooker
      This recipe was from the cookbook I recently reviewed, Vegan on the Cheap.  It didn't turn out very well, and I'm not sure if that's due to me or the recipe. 

Wednesday:  *Pescatarian Meal*  Salmon burgers, roasted asparagus, and sweet potato baked fries

Thursday:  *New Recipe* Pizza made on a polenta crust - used the rest of the Lightlife Italian sausage, along with mushrooms and olives for the toppings
      The polenta crust recipe was also from the same cookbook mentioned above, although I used veggie broth instead of water for the liquid.  This was quite good, except I would pre-bake the crust for longer than the 12 minutes stated in the recipe next time, but then I like a well-down pizza crust!  I had never made polenta before the vegetarian cooking class we took last month, but I can see quick cooking polenta becoming a staple in my pantry.

Friday:  *New Recipes*  Carrot ginger soup and roasted baby beet & grapes salad served with toasted pita spread with Laughing Cow cheese wedges

      Carrot ginger soup tasted yummy - easy recipe when using a food processor and my handy-dandy immersion  blender (the greatest kitchen gadget ever).  The salad was very different, using roasted grapes (a first for me) and baby beets.  We were pleasantly surprised by the flavor.

Saturday:  PBB&J sandwiches with baby carrots and Popchips after lunch out at Qdoba (first visit to this restaurant - I thought it was a good option for vegetarians, and a so-so option for eating healthy)

Sunday:  whole wheat pancakes, Boca sausage links, and cut-up fruit

See Previous Week Menu

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Absolutely inspiring!
Can't wait to try them all! ;)

By Blogger Fresh Garden, at 4:49 AM  

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