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The Lazy Vegetarian


What We Ate Last Week #19

No pics this week.  Sorry about that!

Monday: dinner out at a local Italian restaurant (spinach roll, yum!)

Tuesday: *Pescatarian Meal*  Fish tacos (which could easily be made with baked tofu strips) - tortillas, fish, coleslaw mix, avocado, and (vegetarian) ranch dressing served with a can of no-salt added black beans cooked up with diced onions and peppers

Wednesday:  Sausage (Field Roast brand), potatoes, and cabbage fry up (recipe in previous post)

Thursday:  Quesadillas

Friday:  Fired up the grill!  Hamburgers (Franklin Farms brand), corn-on-the-cob, and squash.  We recently bought a non-stick grilling grid which makes cooking veggies on the grill much easier!

Saturday:  Scrambled eggs mixed with bell peppers and the rest of the sausage, toast, and fruit salad

Sunday:  PBB&J sandwiches with baby carrots and Popchips after lunch out at CPK (I tried their new roasted vegetable salad, and I can highly recommend it).

See Previous Week Menu 

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